Big Bang Boom Solutions


Big Bag Boom Solutions (BBBS) is one of the youngest startups in defense. A deep tech defense Solutions Integrator, BBBS’s Core focus is to develop indigenous intellectual property.


The 360 Active Battle Interface also know as the ‘See Thrrough Armour’ (STA) system provides a 360 degree  situational awareness to the crew seated inside Armoured Fighting Vehicles during day and night. This is  achieved by placing multiple modules of RGB and thermal cameras around the vehicle. The system equips the  crew with a 360 degree view including 8x digital zoom through a HUD (Heads Up Display) using Latency Free  Stitching and Streaming. This is achieved using a video resolution of 2048x1536pixels for the RGB cameras and  640x512pixels for the thermal cameras respectively. The system has a DRI (Detection, Recognition &  Identification) range for humans at 250m, 63m and 31m and for vehicles at 720m, 175m and 88m respectively.  The mil spec components present in the system enables the operation between -40 to 45 degree Celsius.

Key Features

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